Apple Completes Shazam App Purchase

Apple Inc. completed the acquisition of the music application Shazam, said Monday, weeks after the European Union approved the agreement.

The agreement, announced in December of last year, is expected to help the iPhone maker better compete with Spotify, the industry leader in music streaming services.

On the other hand, Apple and are entering into an association in which the iPhone manufacturer will help Salesforce build features similar to the Siri voice assistant in Salesforce mobile applications.

In return, Salesforce will create software tools so that large companies that use their technology can build better products with specific functions for iPhones and iPads.

Apple and Salesforce have vast ecosystems of third-party software developers. Around 20 million developers make software for Apple devices, most of them focused on the consumer, while Salesforce has about 5 million developers who turn to their systems to create commercial applications, a market in which Apple has expanded through agreements with International Business Machines, Cisco Systems and Accenture.

The partnership means that a salesperson can use Siri after a meeting with a customer to update that customer’s record with meeting notes and many other data entry tasks that can consume valuable time.

In return, Salesforce is creating tools for companies that use their systems to make better use of Apple-specific features such as Siri.

At the annual Salesforce customer conference, this week, Marriott International will demonstrate a new system that uses Salesforce and Apple tools so hotel guests can light a fire, order a sandwich or take a ride using Siri with an Apple HomePod on your hotel room. And at the next Marriott where the guest will be staying, Siri will remember guest preferences, including her favorite sandwich, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told Reuters in an interview.

Salesforce also runs an educational platform called Trailhead, which says that one in four people who take courses on how to create commercial applications with Salesforce tools ends up getting an increase or promotion. As part of the agreement, Apple and Salesforce will add courses on how to develop apps for iPhone and iPad.


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