Apple Sides With OLED Screen, Sending Shockwaves To LCD Suppliers

For so long Apple found it hard to choose between the LCD screen or OLED but finally, that day came when the iPhone maker sided with OLED screens sending Japan Display into a tizzy with shares tumbling over 10%. On the contrast, LG Display Co Ltd shares surged for the obvious reasons that they have upper hand in the OLED screen manufacturing.

Why OLED Screen?

Apple’s upcoming flagships that would sport OLED screens would offer better contrast and deeper blacks when compared to the LCD-based displays. Before Apple, Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus and Google Pixel 2 have sported OLED screen. Apple integrated the OLED screen in its iPhone X.

iPhone X
iPhone X

Last year in November, the Cupertino, California based company hinted about its plans to launch three models in 2018 according to a report from KGI securities which also mentioned that the two of them would have OLED displays and the cheaper variant would hook onto LCD display. This also implies that Apple might take another year to abandon LCD completely in its flagship.

So where does LCD screens lack? Well, one of the major drawbacks is the edge connectors which restrict the makers from offering a bezel-free design on all four sides. Even if Apple decided to retain the LCD screen in a couple of its flagships then it would require a new technology to keep its smartphones in the new league. The iPhone maker could also opt for the small chin if it sides with LCD. Moreover, in order to cut down the cost, Apple might also have to part ways with 3D Touch.

Higher Cost?

It goes without saying that OLED screens offer richer displays but then at a cost. So, if you were wondering what made Apple quote such high price for iPhone X, here it is. Jerry Kang, a senior principal analyst at IHS Markit believes that the iPhone maker is working on improving display technology based on OLED to stand out from the competitors. However, keeping the price competition would be a key to create a sustainable demand in the market for its upcoming phones that would be based on OLED screen.




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