Apple is thinking about removing the trackpad from the MacBook

Apple is thinking of new ways to evolve its MacBook line. One of them would eliminate the trackpad so that the entire area under the keyboard is one.

With Apple, we know that some technologies do not last forever, and can disappear faster than elsewhere (example: the jack on phones). According to patents filed a few months ago and captured by Apple Insider August 2, 2018, the Cupertino company would think of ways to get rid of the trackpad, which can be done without a mouse on a MacBook.

For Apple engineers, the best way to improve the trackpad of its laptops may be to melt in the chassis entirely. An idea that does not seem so absurd in light of developments in recent years.


Indeed, today’s MacBook already have a large trackpad, which has become a simple surface equipped with Force Touch technology (when the computer is off, it is impossible to click on it). In this sense, to apply its benefits and its comfort of use everywhere seems like the logical continuation: there would therefore no longer need to delimit a specific area for the user. One of the patents even suggests gestures related to the trackpad that could be made directly on the keyboard (example: scroller with two fingers).


This concept of the invisible trackpad is accompanied in parallel with the desire to finish, eventually, with the physical keyboard. It is probably still far, but Apple is thinking of a virtual interface that could adapt to the application. A kind of giant Touch Bar that would display, on the fly, standard keyboard keys or customizable shortcuts. An advance that would, also, to end the problems encountered by physical mechanisms (example: vulnerability to dust and dirt).


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