Facebook inflicted with Dark Advertising related to Brexit

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Facebook does not seem to be getting off the shady posts and campaigns anytime soon. In the latest, few prominent politicians have unearthed the dark advertising on the social networking website.

Reaching 11 million people in over 10 months

According to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee, an organization called Mainstream Network has bankrolled the ads, ensuring the reach to 11 million people in over 10 months. The company has apparently spent £257,000 ($335,148). Under the campaign, the users are asked directly to email their MP asking them to “chuck chequers,”. Popularly used for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit negotiating position agreed at her chequers retreat in July.

The United Kingdom-based digital agency 89up stated that “Mainstream Network has potentially a bigger budget than Ukip and is aiming to influence MPs, yet there is no transparency whatsoever over who is paying for this website.”

Facebook taking steps to curb the fake news

The social networking giant also states that they are now taking steps to curb the fake news. However, the Individuals and groups with political motives are still running their campaign and are quite active.

Fake News on Facebook

Facebook released a statement, stating that from November 7th all the advertisers would have to comply with the new requirements before they can feature the political ads in the UK. Mainstream Network will also require the follow the same rules.

Facebook inflicted with Dark Advertising

Rob Leathern, director of product management stated that these advertisers will need to confirm their identity and location through an authorizations process and accurately represent the organization or person paying for the ad in a disclaimer.”Leathern stated that the advertisers who do not go by the requirements would not be allowed to run the political ads on Facebook.

The news comes on the heels, of the latest development in Facebook. Wherein the company has adopted a war room like a strategy, to contain the unwanted influence on the upcoming Brazilian Election.




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