Top Five Most Popular Linux Distros In 2018

In this article, we are going to discuss the Five Most Popular Linux Distros. Whenever you think about moving from windows platform to Linux. First thing comes in mind, which is the best Linux in the market. Let us help you to pick one.

Before starting the Linux programming, you would need to select the Linux distribution to be used. Even though Linux operating systems are fluid in a way that they offer a range of tools and can match various environments, every Linux distro has some specific features that would appeal different software development in different ways.

Today, we will have a look at topmost Linux distros.


 Most Popular Linux, best linux,best linux distro for developer

Clearly, the most popular distros are Ubuntu as it is deployed by hundreds of technology companies. Ubuntu is popular for its diversity and lightweight as the developer can run it on Mac, PC or even a Virtual Machine.

The distros also offer a range of development tools and libraries. Moreover, the features of the distros are updated on regular basis. Further, Ubuntu has its own community required whenever the developer needs a support.


 Most Popular Linux, best linux,best linux distro for developer

A Red Hat-backed Distros, Fedora is a consistent operating system and the update cycle is released on regular basis. For developers who are looking for Flatpack support, a distro-agnostic platform can go for Fedora.

Fedora is also immune from any delay from the maintainers testing apps before they are made available to the users.


 Most Popular Linux, best linux,best linux distro for developer

This distro is available in two versions – the tumbleweed and Leap where the former comes with a rolling release with the latest Linux packages, Leap is a regular-release and more stable. openSUSE is unique in a way that it has the YaST configuration and installation tool.

Arch Linux

 Most Popular Linux, best linux,best linux distro for developer

Developers looking for the customization feature and user-friendly distros should opt for Arch Linux. Arch enables the user to customize the build by deploying the terminal for downloading and installing packages.

Also, developers who are working on the older machine and do not want to take the unnecessary packages should opt for Arch Linux. One of the versions of the Arch Linux is Antegros which comes with a variety of applications in addition to a string of desktop environments.


 Most Popular Linux, best linux,best linux distro for developer

A perfect distro for those concerned about privacy as it helps in protecting the location as well as the identity by directing its traffic through Tor network. Other than being secure, Tails is also based on Debian Linux and deploys the Gnome desktop which makes it user-friendly.



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