Linux on Chromebook : Run Linux on Chromebook

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Linux on Chromebook: Google Chrome has come a far way since it was launched just a web-centric service. It’s a journey to become one of the most versatile Operating systems. Now it is also possible to run Linux on Chromebook but much would also depend on the hardware configuration and rules set in place by Google.

For the most part of it, running Linux on Chromebook would be the same as running Android Apps. Also, the Chromebook would get more flexible options when you are running Linux on it. However, Linux in no way would remove the Chrome Operating System.

No clue what is Linux

For those who are wondering what’s the fuss about Linux, it is a free open-source operating system preferred by developers, technical enthusiasts and those who do not want to compromise on their privacy.

You need not be geeky to use Linux

However, that does not mean if you are not into coding and geeky stuff then you cannot use Linux. There are so many versions of Linux available today according to the needs of the users. You might have heard tech guys around you talking about Mint, Ubuntu and so on.

Linux on chromebook

Well, for most of the Chromebook users, Linux or no Linux does not specifically translate into anything. The fact is that the operating system is more concerned with working out on the issues that the technical users face. There could be a tiny bit that needs to be sorted out and the performance of your app depends on it.

Linux will fulfill the gap for Chrome OS

However, Chrome OS is unable to fill that gap and therefore you would need Linux. Take, for instance, Linux app support would help the user to install Photoshop-caliber image editing software in their Chromebook.

Audio & Video editing software

Further, you can use the most advanced audio and video editing software that any day would be more than what is offered by the web-based or even Android-based tools. In short, Linux helps you do all sort of activities such as running the code editors and access to Android Studio development tool.

Want to install Linux on the chrome book

For those who want Linux software on their Chromebook have two options to do the same. You can use the APT command line statements in the terminal window for installing and uninstalling Linux application.

If the first option does not feel like doable then you can access the Debian software repository and use the graphical package manager tool for installing and deleting the Linux applications.

Few useful links to install Linux on Chromebook

Thanks for reading the article. Feel free to provide your feedback in the below comment section. What you like, don’t like or any concern.
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