Microsoft Thinks Artificial Intelligence can Change Lives of Millions

With the application of new technological tools can prevent diseases, famines and enforce human rights

The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, in Concordia forum, held in run-up to UN General Assembly states that “With technological advances and their application in everyday life, the technology giant Microsoft said that artificial intelligence would improve the quality of life of more than 1 billion people around the world. And especially in the most vulnerable regions since will apply in the field of humanitarian aid.”

He also reveals that his company would dedicate 40 million dollars to “Artificial intelligence for the humanitarian action.”

“People worry about the impact it can have on their jobs and ethical issues. But It also have very promising advances,” Smith explained at the event held in the Big Apple.

“One of the great hopes is that we can all work together to solve the great humanitarian problems, ” he said.

Application in various fields

Smith also points out that new technologies can prevent the humanitarian disasters, such as in the early detection of famine, a project that was jointly presented yesterday by the UN and the World Bank and which they named the Famine Action Mechanism ( FAM, in English).

“Data predicts where and when a famine is going to occur. This is how the warning comes before, and the NGOs work to move food quickly,” Smith said.

Also, he said, artificial intelligence will improve assistance to children who need help, as in the “Operation Smile” program. It allows surgeons who operate children with a cleft lip to analyze and improve the quality of their work.

In favor of human rights

Microsoft intends to use the new technologies in addition to the protection and support of refugees. “Some tools can help the 754 million people who have lost the opportunity to receive an education,” said the representative of Microsoft, who said they intend to use artificial intelligence to educate and train refugees for entry into the working market.

Also, he adds, artificial intelligence will protect the human rights of the most vulnerable. Since the collection and analysis of specific data can predict where the most significant abuses will occur.

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