Google Assistant would soon get “List and Notes” App

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Google Assistant would soon get a web app with the option to make a list and take notes. If the buzz is true, the assistant will have no longer to depend on the third-party apps to take the notes.

Google app v8.33

The Google app v8.33 beta has already started rolling out to the beta channels. There are good chances that the beta version has the “List and Notes” web app for Assistant. Not just the app would let the Assistant to write down the points but also sync across the devices.

Google Shopping

Other than the List and Notes app, the shopping list would also be most probably come with new treatment. The new codes available online state that shopping list could come with a link provider and that it would be possible to maintain them by Google Shopping.

Other updates in the Beta version would bring few more settings to the “Home settings” feature. For now, there are just two settings mentioned – Personalized updates and suggested apps. Under Personalized apps, one can see whether, calendar updates, traffic and so on.

Display option in Google assistance

The beta version also showed the Personalized news setting option. The reports are also suggesting that the Google Assistant would now have the display option and not just reading news option. Well, how many of those features will actually make it to the masses remains to be seen.

But for now, the Beta version has given us significant insight into what the next update would be like.

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