Most Frequently Asked Google Analytics Interview Questions

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If you want to show off your Google Analytics in an impressive manner to get the job, then there is more than just knowing the usage of it. There are so many tricky questions out there that an interviewer might ask you. We all have been there when the interviewer asks the question and we do not quite understand it. Only later do we realize that it was a trick question all the way. Let us have a look at some of the most asked questions during the Google Analytics Interview

1. What is Conversions and how to track them through Google Analytics?

Conversion happens when predefined GA goals are met which in turn generates the revenue for the company. Conversion also can be said to happen when the website owner wants the customer to perform the action and the customer indeed does that. Goals on the other hand are set by the business in GA to set the conversion tracking.

2. What do you know about KPI in Analytics?

Key Performance Indicators enable the marketers to do an analysis of their websites on the basis of different business objectives. Few notable examples of KPIs are
Average Time
Bounce Rate
Conversion Rate

3. What do you know about Behavior in GA?

Behavior Reports in GA help the Researchers to the pattern of the visitors and how do they interact with the content on the website. Knowing the behavior pattern would help the marketers to monitor and improve the website performance and conversions as according to the visitor’s preferences.

4. Tell us about Mapoverplay?

It includes the Map of the World covering different regions and countries. It helps in assessing the engagement volume, shows relevant locations in darker colors.

5. What is Cohort in GA?

It is nothing but the group of users who are sharing the same content at the same time. There are four parts to Cohort –
Cohort Type
Cohort Size
Data Range

6. Is it possible to identify the keywords that are generating paid traffic for a site?

Yes, it can be done with the help of Keyword Column. The Marketers can see the traffic generated from the organic and paid sources.

7. As a Market Researcher, how can you identify that one point on your website where the visitors are clicking the most?

It is possible to identify the maximum traffic on one spot with the help of In-Page of GA.

8. Can you tell the difference between Click and Visit?

Clicks are the actions on the site for a specific product whereas visit is the amount of time spent by the user on the site.

9. Tell us the process of creating Goal in GA?

There are four basic steps to create the Goal:-
First, Click ‘Admin’ in the Navigation bar
Second, Click ‘Goals’ under View
Then, Click on ‘+New Goal
Finally, Create the Goal by following Wizard

10. What is RPC in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics massively uses Revenue per click for E-Commerce tracking. It is one of the most asked questions during the interview about Google Analytics. You can view the Revenue Per Click in the ‘Traffic Sources’ tab by selecting the AdWords. Thereafter, select an option in the sub-menu to look at the data. In the main view on-screen, select the ‘Clicks’ tab and find the RPC column on the right hand side of the main view.


So, Do you think these google analytics interview questions were useful for you? Feel free to provide your comments and concerns in the below comment section.
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