Programming languages with which you will be more competitive

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The online news site Quartz made a ranking of the value of the salary in the programming languages, from highest to lowest in terms of job offers. Here are five programming languages that you can learn to be more competitive and earn more money.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an excellent language for web applications. Many important web services use it, such as Twitter and Hulu. And then there is Ruby on Rails, which is the frame most used by Ruby. Many agree that it is easier to learn than other languages such as C ++. Quartz’s article classifies Ruby on Rails as the most valuable programming skill. For more information on Ruby, Michael Morin has created that covers the pros and cons of this scripting language.


Objective C

The programming language behind OSX and iOS applications, it’s easy to see why Objective C is a language in demand. iPhone is approximately 36% of the US smartphone market. UU as of 2015, which is lower than previous years, but most companies would be crazy for not having an iPhone application in this market. If you are interested in trying Objective C, there is an excellent tutorial in Code School.


It is a scripting language, which has multiple examples of implementation in different industries, including the film industry: Industrial Light and Magic uses Python to extend its software capabilities in the company. There is a complete list on with more examples.



Java is the most popular programming languages in the world, and for a good reason: it has very few operational requirements; which means that it can run on multiple platforms. This language is also part of the framework for creating Android applications, so it is a language that is in demand even today. Oracle provides Java documentation to help you get started.

C ++

This is the oldest programming language on this list, it was first introduced in the early eighties. It is the backbone of every piece of software you use every day, according to a discussion in this thread Overflow. C ++ is used for high-performance tasks such as video compression has a tutorial that can help you get started.

Knowing one of these five languages can help you earn a higher salary, but you do not have to specialize in just one. If possible, become familiar with some of these languages. Then, if one loses popularity, you will have another language to turn to. As we have seen in the past, specialization can make you obsolete in the field. In any field, you must always learn new skills and technologies.

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