Things to know before buying a refurbished iPhone

Use this buying guide when looking for a used or refurbished iPhone. Get the Right Phone for Your Carrier.

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Make sure that the phone is not stolen

When buying a refurbished or a used iPhone you need to make sure that you can check it with

the help of IMEI number

  • Go to the settings of the phone
  • Select General
  • Now tap on about
  • Scroll down and go to IMEI number
  • Now type this 15-digit IMEI number on a website that stores and keeps a record of all the numbers that have been stolen.
  • There are many websites online that can check for you whether the product has been stolen or not.

Check for the hardware damage, if any

You can ignore the normal wear and tear or the scratches on the body of the phone. But some damage that will hinder the quality of the phone and create a problem in its performance those damages can cause a big problem. Like scratches in the camera lenses, 3D touch sensor etc. can give the problem to the user.

Once you buy a phone take it to a local seller or a technician and get it checked for any problems. The hardware might look perfectly fine but there could be many underlying problems that will give hinder the performance.

Immediately after when you buy the phone you must inspect it on your own by testing the camera, buttons, speakers, charging port, earphone port hardware.

Look for the phone with the right storage capacity

Because Apple products do have expandable memories therefore when you buy a refurbished iPhone online you must look for the best deal on phones with huge memory and capacity. Make sure that you do not opt for anything smaller than a 32 GB phone.

Check the feature and see if it has the latest features

Make sure that you know about all the features that you are being provided on the phone. If you are buying a refurbished iPhone or a used iPhone, then you would want all the latest features in it so check if it has the latest software update to support all the needs of the latest iPhone.

Check for the warranty

If you get a refurbished iPhone then get it. You get a warranty of a few months from trustworthy retailers. If a phone has got repairs earlier then it will not cause any problems in the future but still if it does, then the warranty will help you at that time.

Speakers and microphones

Apple iPhone and basically all the products are known for its superb quality speakers and microphones that deliver super high-quality sound. In an iPhone one speaker is at the bottom of the phone whereas the other one is right at the top. You can check the speakers and the microphones by recording and playing music as it will help you to find out if there is some compromise on the quality.


Checking if the charging and the port for earphones are working properly or not. Record your own voice on the phone and connect it with to the earphones and check if you are getting proper sound. Also, make sure that sound is coming from both the earphones instead of one.

Check for the liquid damage, if any

Make sure that the product has not been overly exposed to the moisture.

Open the sim slot of the phone, pop out the sim tray, it will have a shining light inside.

You will also notice a liquid damage indicator there if it is somehow red then it means it is damaged. If it

is red hen walk away from the deal.


Make sure that the wireless connection is all working good by inserting your sim and calling someone.


There are various refurbished options available online as well as offline like; buy refurbished iPhone SE online, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 etc.


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