7 Reasons why you should join beetechnical

Submit Guest Post technology! Are you looking for a website to submit a guest post? We are offering 60% of the revenue share generated from your submitted contents.

Before you join us, Let us tell you the 7 reasons why should join us. Make yourself comfortable before you plan to join us.

  1. Let us take care of website hosting, maintenance, SEO and other stuff

  2. Work from anywhere, Whenever you want

  3. Take full credit of your skill

  4. Keep 60% of revenue generated through your article

  5. Keep eyes on your blog’s performance

  6. Reach a large audience

  7. Ability to post Video based articles

Click here to know more about, How to post and what to post

Let us take care of website hosting, maintenance, SEO and other stuff

As an article writer, you can just focus on your writing skills. You don’t need to worry about website hosting, maintenance, and search engine optimization.

We also take care of the article formatting, placing advertisement form different-2 sources like Google Adsense, Media.Net and other advertisement partners.

Work from anywhere, Whenever you want

You are not bound to any kind of physical location, working hours, no. of articles in a day or month. So, You can post an article whenever and where ever you want. You can also send the article in Word format, let us format the article and post on behalf of you.

Take full credit of your skill

If you are successful in submitting an article to us, we will give you full credit at the bottom of your post with a featured ‘bio’.

Take Full Credit | betechnical

Here you can include a bit of information about you and your website, as well as links to your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Take Full Credit | betechnical

Keep 60% of revenue generated through your article

Write an article for us and take 60% of the revenue (Only for the contents, which does not contain any advertisements links or promotional links) generated from the article every month. We would like to invite all new writers and regular bloggers to write for our blog. We love to build contacts with similarly minded people and share links.  So, if you think you have what it takes to write for us, then we would love to hear from you!

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Keep eyes on your blog’s performance

This pease of our website is under construction. Not yet published publicly. However, let me give a brief about it. As a registered user, you will have access to the My Dashboard page where you can see the reports generated from google ads, Media.Net or any other advertisement partner we have. These reports will show you the performance reports of your articles and generated revenue.

Reach a large audience

Since you are posting articles on beetechnical, not on your individual blog or website. More people more article and a huge number of readers.

Ability to post Video based articles

You are not restricted to the only text-based article. you will have the ability to post video posts as well.

How to post and what to post

Follow these easy steps to post your first article

  1. Register to the website using Register Now
  2. After completion of registration login to the website using LogIn Now
  3. Goto MyAccount–> Contribute Article
  4. Start writing your first article

What Should I Write About?

We are looking for quality and unique content that matches our criteria.  Here is a list of some general subjects that we are interested in, which you can write an in-depth post about something related to or of interest for our readers.

  • Review of existing on upcoming gadgets
  • Review of upcoming or highly demanded Mobiles/Tablet/Laptop
  • Tutorials about Programming languages like Java, Dot.Net Python etc.
  • Articles about new  trending technologies eg: Blockchain

Submission Guidelines

  • Posts must be “AT LEAST!” 500+ words long, preferably more.  We only want the best for our readers and posts shorter than this tend to be less helpful.
  • We only accept articles that are written in English at this moment.
  • Articles must be written by you and totally original!  We will be checking ALL submissions for breach of copyright.
  • We reserve the right to format the submitted article to match the rest of the beetechnical posts.  This tends to be only correcting spelling & grammar and adding any additional images needed to make the article more visually appealing, though it depends on the individual post.
  • You can submit the video as well about the information or tutorial about anything related to technology.
  • A video should not contain any kind of branding, adult contents or any kind of advertisement.

In case of you any question or doubt, You can reach out to us by using Contact US 

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