Home Furniture that you don’t actually need

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Home Furniture that you don’t actually need

Are you the kind of a person that space means everything? Does minimalist philosophy give you a special angle how you view personal finance? Here is the story, these are strategies that will help save money and space-two major things most of us can count a priority!

The less we require, the less our cash is spent in the home decor superstores. Having an extra square footage in your house is an added advantage- to do yoga, dance, play with kids and have more fun.

With that in mind, let’s explore the pieces that you might do without

End tables 

In fact, all extra little tables located in corners, and at couch ends, are just magnets for clutter. Make an effort and get rid of them, you can fill the vacuum with fantastic equipment latter.


Did you know that fabric shelves are more space friendly? Here’s the deal, use fabric shelves hanging from the closet bar. The shelves create space to keep folded clothes, undies, sleepers, washcloths, and socks.

File cabinet

 Go for a scanner and go digital. It is a good deal for non-essential paperwork. When papers are minimized, you can afford to keep a ‘must keep’ documents box, which is tucked perfectly in a closet.


As a great believer of minimalist philosophy, anything taking unwarranted space is an enemy.  As much as our love for books is great, we cannot afford to keep them away.  This doesn’t everyone loves the heavy (unwieldy, physical) format.

 Here is the catch; E-books are an ultimate solution for a bookshelf. What about, walking with the entire collection everywhere without worries.

Dining table

In fact, like a sofa, everyone considers a dining table and essential household item.  If it doesn’t hurt sitting on the floor, perhaps a coffee table is an ultimate choice. While you might consider retaining the table, some cultures actually consider a low table the norm.


It might feel crazy doing without a couch, but it’s insanely possible ( and more fun).  What’s the alternative? A lounge chair or two. Did you know that you can simply have some cushions arranged on the floor and have fun while saving space?


While you might be over stuffing the bedroom,  consider attaching a fitting shelf to the wall rather than a nightstand.  It best suits if bedside accouterments are few.


Let us agree that having fun with your legs is not a necessity. While it’s nice putting the feet up- one can do without a recliner.

Even though the above suggestions are for people happy with extreme minimalism, only a few readers might adopt.  The best part is that it’s ideal for small-space and mobile dwellers.  Not so much for dwellers having bad backs or sink into a long sectional after a tiring day work.  For finance, sensitive guys, check places like Free cycle, yard sales, or even craigslist for cheap furniture.

Always be free to furnish with the right furniture for your lifestyle. However, if you find something in the list that you can leave without, you may save hundreds of dollars if not thousands, and get an extra space for happy dance.



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