.NET and Its Advantages / Disadvantages


Developed by Microsoft, .NET is a framework used to support the development and maintenance of apps and XML services. It includes mobile, desktop, and web apps that run on the devices, PCs, and other server platforms.

.NET is used for a wide variety of next-generation apps. It is feature rich and is used in the variety of fields like Business Functions, Re-Designing, Interoperable Apps, Gaming, Communication, Multi-Tiered Software Architecture, Cross-Platform and Mobile Apps.

.NET has following advantages to its usersok

  • Object Oriented:   .NET is a powerful tool, and object oriented, it helps you to access and control your apps.
  • Caching: .NET caching system is powerful and simple in use.
  • Easy Maintenance: Pages, with.NET, are extremely simple to write and maintain making web pages more powerful and flexible.
  • Time-Saving: .NET helps you save time by removing the large part of the coding requirement, and thus app’s time-to-market is shortened.
  • Simplicity: .NET is extremely simple and easy to use in performing various tasks.
  • Feature-Rich: .NET feature rich toolbox helps to get access features like WYSIWYG editing, automatic deployment, and drag-and-drop controls
  • Monitoring: .NET find out any problem with a memory leak or infinite loops automatically and destroy such activities and restart itself automatically. Thus, best for automatic monitoring.

Here are some of the drawbacks of using.NETbutton-32259_640

  • Limited Object-Relational (OR) support: Support is available for entity framework only, thus it becomes limited sometimes.
  • Slower than Native Code: Managed code get sometimes slower than native code with.NET.
  • Vendor lock-in: .NET framework includes Vendor lock-in that means it is dependent on Microsoft only for future development.
  • Expensive: Migration of applications to .NET can be expensive in some cases.

However, as compared to the wide range of advantages by the framework, these are all just minor drawbacks.


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