About us - beetechnical

Welcome to Beetechnical

Beetechnical is a free content publishing platform. Which allows you to publish your contents in the wide range of categories. We provide free services like posting the article, posting job and questions & answers.

Should I join Beetechnical? 

I will say yes if you are one of these:

  • Are you a passionate writer? Who want to share his thoughts across the world.
  • Are you a startup product or service based firm? who want to advertise their product online and reach the wide range of customers. 
  • Are you a tech geek, who loves to review tech gadgets and writing articles on the latest technology.
  • Are you a teacher, who wants to share his knowledge across the world.

Why should I join Beetechnical?

So many people stop writing because of the additional work they have to perform, like

  • Maintaining the website/blog
  • Marketing on social media and other platforms
  • SEO, which plays a vital role, if you want to reach the large audience
Our main goal is to allow people to focus on their primary skills. Not worrying about other works they have to perform.

Take 60% of the revenue generated from your contents

Since you are the author of the content. you should get more benefitted then us. Revenue generated by placing the advertisement on your contents will be divided into the 60: 40 ratio. 60% goes to the author and 40% is taken by us in order to keep this platform up and running 24×7.

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