Who we are?

Let's us give you some brief About Us

"Your Passion Is Our Work. So Be our GUEST"

HELLO, we are  Beetechnical  for  passionate Writers and Guest Bloogers.

Whether you are newbie write or a experienced bloggers or perhaps a  causal cool hobbyist, Beetechnical is here to help make passion for writing comes true.

What Beetechnical is all about?

If you’ve ever wondered:
  • “Where can I find   free professional  blogging platform to write  down my passion?”,
  •  i m a experienced blogger but  i want more Want high quality organic back links  and  drive traffic to my site?
  • don’t wanna own blog but don’t want to stop writing ?
  • is there any  free blogging platform to be guest blogger and earn some buck while doing it? 


if so,you are in the right place

Meet our Team Members

Beetechnical Founder Deependra Kushwah

Deependra Kushwah

"Beetechnical was founded by Deependra khuswah, an professional web developer and an expert blogger. In the wake of blogging for quite a while , Deependra encountered a few problem and comprehended brutal battled of an writers on the web lastly hit with free stage with this blog in 2013. He made Beetechnical(free guest blogging platform) to enable every single enthusiastic writers out there who wanna bother free writing . since lunching , he made the author network(community) for helping every others and gain a few bucks along the way. Beetechnical is currently one of the developing free visitor blogging stage on the web"
Beetechnical Itishree Meher

Itishree Meher

Business Consultant
Itishree meher is our resident editor and business consultant and social media advisor. She is a specialist content strategist and do copy writing ,freelancer ,blog rewriting and business consultant. she is additionally educates on Korean language .She writes on a few blogging niches and give business advises to develop their business.
Beetechnical Girish Gowda Lead Designer

Girish Gowda

Lead Designer
Girish has been writing HTML and tinkering on the web since the late 2010. Over the years he's been a jack-of-all trades, working as a WordPress developer, themer, front-end developer, project manager, etc.
Deeptimayee Meher ,Beetechncial

Deeptimayee Meher

Sales Manager
Deepti Meher joined Beetechnical from 2018 onward. Handling Sales & Marketing team efficiently.Helping organization to achieve the long term goals & Vision.

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