Frequently Asked Questions About Beetechnical

This list will assist you in locating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about beetechnical.

Do I need to register to post an article?

Yes, You must be a registered member of Beetechnical to post the article.

What are the blog posting guidelines for “”?

Blog Submission Guidelines

Where I can find the post article link?

Follow the steps to post your first article.

  • Signup or sign in if you are an existing user.
  • Navigate to My Account Menu
Frequently Asked Questions About Beetechnical 1
  • Client on MyAccount -> My Articles to navigate to the article writing section.

When my article will be rejected?

  • If the basic details of your user profile are not completed like Bio, Name, Profile pic.
  • if you are not following the proper guidelines given in Blog Submission Guidelines.

Do I Have to Pay to Post Articles?

You’re good to go if your article contains no sponsored links. You are not required to pay anything. If your article contains sponsored links, reach out to me for more information on @twitter.

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