Blog Submission Guidelines

Dear authors, In this section we are going to discuss a few blog submission guidelines. This will help us to maintain consistency across the website, also helps you to follow the best SEO practices to get more traffic in your post.

How to submit the article?

You have to be a registered member of beetechnical to start posting the article.

  • Registration link (No registration fee)

Once you are done with the registration with Beetechnical.
Login to the website Go to My Account–>New Article and start writing your article, once you are done with the article you can submit it for review. it will be available publicly once approved by a moderator.

Why I should follow these guidelines?

By following these guidelines you will help us to make the article review process faster. So, your article will be published faster. Also, remove the round trips between you and the article reviewer.

Must include components

This is the list of components that you must include in your article. Otherwise, your article will be rejected, Hence, you have to resubmit for review.

  • An article must have a featured image
  • Feature image size must be 800X445
  • Every image used in the article must have an alt tag
  • Every image used in the article must be copyright free
  • If the image author is asking for credit, don’t forget to add author description in the image caption
  • It is recommended to use the H2 tags for heading & H3 tags for the subheading.

Best practices to increase the readability score of your article

While writing the article you must be careful about the readability score.  If you want every user to read the article till the end, then you have to make it more readable and interactive to drag the reader to the end.

  • Use eye-catching and interactive subheadings  
  • It is recommended to divide the article into multiple subheadings
  • Paragraph length should be maximum 5 to 6 lines
  • Avoid long lists and use bulleted and numbered lists when possible.
  •  Avoid Italics, Cursive and Decorative Fonts. Italics can be difficult to read, especially for dyslexic users.
  • Use simple English instead of using complicated or fancy words
  • Be straight to the point, don’t waste your reader time
  • Use multiple images to make the article more interactive

Best SEO practices to get more traffic

  • Target one or two keywords in your article 
  • The targeted keywords must be used in the title of your article, the first paragraph of the article and also should be used at least 10 times in the entire post.
  • Every image used in the article should contain these keywords in the alt tag.
  • Where  ever possible use internal links 

Article Editing

All work must be well-edited for grammar errors, spelling corrections, and syntax. Idioms must be used correctly and avoid vagueness or ambiguity.


Beetechnnical reserves the right to make changes and edits to submitted content. All articles are reserved for the personal use of the company and must not be distributed or showcased anywhere else by writers. This is not negotiable.

Do we reject Articles? Yes.

Yes, we do! No offense, there are a few particular cases that lead to rejection and they are;

  • Content that is irrelevant to the topic assigned
  • Plagiarized content- articles lifted from other websites or authors without proper credit
  • Demeaning content that addresses controversial issues such as religion, gender, race, ethnicity, and other extremely sensitive issues.

People always look for creative contents

Content must be well researched and written with clear and concise grammar. Let your creative juices flow, keep it simple and engaging. Go beyond the horizon and produce quality facts structured in a most exceptional manner.

Plagiarism, Don’t be a copy cat

We have ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PLAGIARISM as this is highly unprofessional. We have a team that can sniff out these malpractices quite easily. There are a lot of copyright infringements all over the web and we would like to greatly cut down on these acts by assuring our clients of fresh concepts and new ideas from brilliant minds.

In case you need, any assistance. You can drop us a message using the Twitter Account.

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