Blog Post Submission Guidlines

Dear authors, In this section we are going to discuss few blog submission guidelines. Which will help us to maintain the consistency across the website, also helps you to follow the best SEO practices to get more traffic in your post. 


Why I should follow these guidelines?

By following these guidelines you will help us to make the article review process faster. So, your article will be published faster. Also, removing the round trips between you and the article reviewer.

Must include components

These are the list of components which you must include in your article. Otherwise, your article will be rejected, Hence, you have to resubmit for review.

  • An article must have a featured image
  • Feature image size must be 800X445
  • Every image used in the article must have alt tag
  • Every image used in the article must be copyright free
  • If image author is asking for credit, don’t forget to add author description in the image caption
  • It is recommended to use H3 tag 

Best practices to increase the readability score of your article

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While writing the article you must be careful about the readability score.  If you want every user to read the article till the end then you have to make it more readable and interactive to drag the reader till the end.

  • Use eye-catching and interactive subheadings  
  • It is recommended to divide the article into multiple subheadings
  • Paragraph length should be maximum 5 to 6 lines
  • Avoid long lists and use bulleted and numbered lists when possible.
  •  Avoid Italics, Cursive and Decorative Fonts. Italics can be difficult to read, especially for dyslexic users.
  • Use simple English instead of using complicated or fancy words
  • Be straight to the point, don’t waste your reader time
  • Use multiple images to make the article more interactive

Best SEO practices to get more traffic

  • Target one or two keywords in your article 
  • The targeted keywords must be used in the title of your article, the first paragraph of the article and also should be used at least 10 times in the entire post.
  • Every image used in the article should contain these keywords in the alt tag.
  • Where  ever possible use internal links 

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