Top 5 Best Coding Websites for Beginners & Experienced | 2022

For the beginners who have just placed their feet in the coding world not know where to start and how? Even the people who have already started their journey in competitive coding are found always confused about the platform they should choose for coding practices and challenges.

Do not worry, here are five coding platforms listed below that enhance your coding skills with daily practice. 

But why you should do coding?

First, know the benefits of doing Competitive Programming :

  • Teach working under pressure
  • Teach to handle problems easily
  • Get high in career
  • Build amazing software for the world
  • Your demand in companies increases
  • Improve the focus

You must have listened that “Coding comes with the practice, Coders are not built in a single day but with the passion and complete dedication”. 
If you want to master the coding skills you need to choose one platform among the list given below and start practicing from today.


CodeChef is a competitive programming platform to elevate the coding skills of programmers from beginner level to master level. They promote the coding culture with the discussion feature where a huge community of programmers interacts.


The main features of CodeChef are-

  • Practice Levels– Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Peer
  • Monthly contests – Cook-Off, Long Challenge, lunchtime
  • Campus chapter
  • Discussion board

CodeChef is one of the best coding websites for beginners and experienced as well, anyone can host contests on its platform. They give prizes to the winner of monthly contests. The campus chapter is a programming tool for clubs to utilize. 

The CodeChef ratings play an important role in placements. Today, product-based companies like Amazon review the CodeChef ratings.


HackerEarth is the most popular programming platform. This platform has a community of around 4 million developers and is also a trusted platform among 1500+ companies.

Best Coding Websites for Beginners
HackerEarth, Coding Practice Website

The main features of HackerEarth are

  • Practice – Data Structures and Algorithms, Basic programming questions
  • Monthly contests – Circuits, Easy
  • Hackathons – Real-world problem-solving competitions
  • Data Science competitions

HackerEarth rewards the winners of the monthly contests with goodies and prizes. It has around 10,000 questions ranging from basic to hard, with 1000 hackathons till now.

Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and many more organize hackathons and hiring challenges to hiring employees. It could be the best opportunity for you to grab. 


HackerRank is a good programming platform for beginners. It contains coding questions in many languages, level-wise. It rewards you with a star after completing each level rising the level of questions at each stage.\

Coding websites for begginers
HacckerRank, Coding website for beginner

The main features of HackerRank are-

  • Interview Questions
  • Topic-wise coding practice – Example: Python(Easy, Medium, Hard)

HackerRank enables companies to evaluate the problem-solving skills of developers and help them to hire talented coders.


Codeforces is the platform for developers who are at a medium level of coding.

It organizes coding competitions on a regular basis to enhance coding skills.

Codeforce,best coding website for beginners

The main features of this platform are-

Programming Contests

The Codeforces contests contain questions from easy to hard, the good part is that even beginners can participate in the contests and get some points. This will teach the pressure handling and thinking ability of beginners.

The product-based companies prefer the ratings of Codeforces contests. The contests of Codeforces have a good level which shows the mirror of your problem-solving skills, the reason companies prioritize its ratings.


TopCoder is the world’s largest developer platform. It is a software crowdsourcing company with algorithmic competitive programming.

The main features of this platform are-

  • Challenges
  • Algorithmic programming
Coding practice platform

TopCoder improves problem-solving skills by providing algorithm-based questions which is the major demand of the companies. Companies inspect the real-world problem-solving skills of clients, so, do not waste your time and start practicing today.

TopCoder has the largest network of data scientists and developers. It pays its community members for working on projects and then sells the work to companies. 


We have listed highly used best coding websites, which can help beginners to experienced developers with daily programming practice as well as sharper their coding skills.

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