Quick Comparision Between IoT vs M2M | 2022

IoT and M2M offer remote access to information sharing between machines without human intervention.

The main distinction between IoT vs M2M is the way IoT is a device that connects to the Internet for improved performance.

While IoT and M2M share common underlying technologies such as sensors, wireless connectivity, and data exchange protocols, their scopes and purposes differ. IoT focuses on the broader ecosystem of interconnected devices, systems, and services, enabling advanced functionalities and intelligent interactions. M2M, on the other hand, emphasizes direct machine communication and automated processes within specific applications or industries.

M2M connects greater than two machines to the Internet to share data and analytics.

 What is IoT?

It’s a space that allows devices to share information via the internet network. Users can make efficient, scalable, and super-performance networks by connecting a broad array of devices through the technology made available with the help of IoT devices. 

Raspberry Pi,IOT vs M2M
Raspberry Pi: Highly used board to build the IoT based applications

For instance, the sensor in an air conditioner could collect data about outside temperatures and adjust its temperature to decrease or increase depending on the outdoor temperature.

In the same way, refrigerators can also alter their temperature in line with the outside temperatures.

 What is M2M?

M2M refers to Machine to Machine communication. This instant communications system connects devices via wireless or wired communications channels without human involvement. 

It gathers data and makes it available to other devices that are connected. It’s a method of communication that permits devices without the internet to link to other devices.

M2M Connection
M2M Connection

Many applications, including defense surveillance and monitoring, manufacturing, and facility management, are offered by M2M communication.

M2M technology can be found in shopping malls, offices, and other locations. 

One common instance of a machine-to-machine system is the control of electrical devices such as fans and bulbs with Bluetooth using a smartphone. In this case, the phone and electrical devices interact with connected devices.

Comparative Head to head of the IoT and M2M

There are many differences between IoT as well as M2M. A few of the most popular comparisons between IoT as well as M2M are described in the following table form.

Quick Comparision Between IoT vs M2M | 2022 1
AbbreviationIoT refers to the Internet of Things.M2M stands for Machine to Machine communication.
IntelligenceDevices comprise objects in charge of decision-making processes.In M2M, there’s an insignificant amount of intelligence is observed.
Communication Protocol UsedIoT has utilized internet protocols such as FTP, Telnet, and HTTP.Traditional protocols and communication technology are used in M2M technology.
Connection Type UsedThe connectivity to IoT is via the network and uses various forms of communication.M2M utilizes a point-to-point connection.
ScopeIt comes with a variety of gadgets, but its scope is huge.It is limited in Scope to devices.
Business Type UsedIt has Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B).It also supports Business to Business (B2B) communication.
Data SharingIn IoT, the sharing of data is dependent entirely on Internet protocol networks.With M2M networks, the devices could be connected to mobile networks or other networks.
Open API SupportIoT technology allows Open API integrations.In M2M technology there isn’t Open API support.
ExamplesMassive Data, Cloud, Smart wearables, and many others.Sensors and Data and others.
 IoT vs M2M Comparision table

Are there any similarities between IoT vs M2M?

With the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), we are on the verge of transforming into an international village. The IoT idea is to create an interconnected network of devices that can share data through the Internet.

Because IoT devices can communicate with one another, they can be programmed to perform tasks. For instance, you could program your lights to turn automatically when it’s dark or switch on the air conditioner whenever your room is hot.

A major and crucial element of machine-to-machine communications is connectivity. If there isn’t a wired or wireless connection between the devices and machines, they cannot communicate. The IoT is a collection of protocols, technologies, applications, and protocols that allow connectivity between devices.


Connection is the major difference between the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).

While IoT is typically any device connected to the Internet to enhance performance, M2M typically is the connection to two or more computers to the Internet to share data and analytics.

According to the definition, IoT includes just about any device that connects via wireless with another device to reach a goal that includes managing scheduling and heating and lighting, shutting off lights when the room is empty or goes out, etc. 

M2M is, however, created using the connection of two or more gadgets over the Internet with software installed on them to manage the data-saving and analysis. Machine-to-machine communication utilizes low-power and short-range wireless communication technologies like Device to Device (D2D) and Object object (O2O).

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