Top 10 Free CDN Providers to Speed Your Website

A slow-loading website is a curse to business as it has the potential to lose your sales in millions & billions. Not believing? Well, it’s true! Let us better explain with some amazing facts-

  • Amazon stated that a one-second slowdown can cut down cost approximately $1.6 billion each year
  • 21% of shopper quit shopping carts due to the slow processing of the website
  • Shopzilla is successful in increasing revenues up to 12% just by improving load time from six seconds to 1.2 seconds. 

So, when it comes to website speed, don’t take it for granted. Here, we have come up with the top ten free CDN providers that can speed up your website with ease. Have a look!

1. Cloudflare top in free CDN Providers

Cloudflare is one of the modern & best solutions that not only supercharge the website but also add a security feature. It’s powered by 115 datacenters and protects from basic DDoS attacks. 

Features –

  • Installation: Most of its plan gets instantly activated (within 15 minutes), and for free plans, it takes 24 hrs. This CDN accounts potential to receive access from multiple users & up to 5 active users are supported. 
  • Reporting: You can view the data as per your chosen plan. Moreover, you can have access to essential information like audit logs, unique visitors, traffic. 
  • Supporting IPv4 & IPv6 connections
  • SPDY and HTTP/2 coverage
  • Free – suited for personal and individual websites. Limited protection & features. 

2. ArvanCloud

When we have several PoPs across the globe, ArvanCloud offers us a wide range of cloud services, specifically a robust content delivery network to 30,000+ websites. Undoubtedly, this CDN ensures fast data delivery with the highest security level. 

Features –

  • Unlike other CDN providers, ArvanCloud’s free CDN provides users with the same features it’s offering in a paid plan. 
  • In its free plan, 200GB traffic/month is included, both on upload and download with 10 lakhs requests in a month. 
  • Its offerings include cloud security, managed DNS, cloud object storage, VoD streaming, PaaS.
  • Ideal for high-scale projects with low budgets. 

3. Netlify

Netlify allows you to host the static website & serve via CDN. This is not like a typical CDN company, but if you want to host a static website, then it’s certainly good to consider. Around 35,000+ developers & hosting 90k websites simply love this CDN. 

Features –

  • In its free plan, you’ll get continuous deployment, Git integration, Rollbacks
  • Custom HTTP Headers, custom domain, Global CDN with Ultra-fast DNS
  • With setup or very little coding, you can add certain features like instant forms, user identity, large media, split rollouts, and testing, analytics.
  • Build a fast app while connecting with the entire Jamstack ecosystem
  • DNS and domain management are easily possible without spending your money. 

4. jsDelivr

Leverage the benefit of jsDelivr to offload CSS, jQuery, JavaScript libraries, fonts, and much more. This can help to load your website even faster. With it, you can load several files while using a single HTTP request. 

Features – 

  • Free of cost Content Delivery Network – open-source, automated, fast, and reliable
  • Build for production- RUM-based load balancing, 4 CDN & 2 DNS providers, failover on every layer
  • Developer-friendly CDN offering version aliasing, combining multiple files on demand, API, and minify files on demand.
  • It serves the files from fastly, Cloudfare, StackPath, and Quantil
  • No traffic limit on using this CDN

5. Incapsula

Incapsula CDN offers Application delivery from the cloud: DDoS Protection, Global CDN, Load Balancing & Failovers, website security, etc. Installation takes only five minutes to activate the service. It’s a great free plan & WordPress plugin for getting the exact IP Address information for comments direct to the website. 

Features –

  • With globally powered CDN, ongoing traffic will be accelerated
  • Blocking the latest web threats like attacks of multi-Gigabit DDoS
  • Real-time threat analysis of the website’s incoming traffic 
  • A globally distributed network routes the entire website traffic. 
  • In its free plan, you can have access to website traffic monitoring, content optimization, traffic access control, IPv6 support, etc. 

6. Hostry

If you are running a low-traffic website or a startup, then go for Hostry CDN. In its free package, you can get 10GB for EU+USA and 5 GB for world traffic. Those who are looking for an advanced CDN network with minimal latency and maximum global coverage can go for this without any hassle. 

Features –

  • Providing quality video delivery – 20 times quicker as compared to SATA disk drives
  • Virtual Servers – Benefit from the features of scalability, customization, independence, and reliability.
  • Domains and DNS availability
  • With HOSTRY CDN – Decreased latency, shorter connection distance, and faster load time.
  • Select Simple mode or Expert mode Control panel as per your choice. 

7. Site Accelerator by Jetpack

If you are using heavy images in your WordPress, then leverage the benefit of Site Accelerator. You can enable this by using the Jetpack plugin dashboard. Once, you are done with this, work on either self-hosted website of


  • Installation – Setup is easy and you can install directly from the dashboard of WordPress
  • Automatically image resizing for the mobile devices
  • Video hosting includes professional and premium plan users. 
  • In a free plan, no backup is included. 
  • All plans include downtime monitoring and automated backup

8. Swarmify

Earlier known as SwarmCDN, Swarmify is a P2P (peer-to-peer) CDN that offers ten GB bandwidth which is just for images. It’s something different from other CDN as it works in a slightly different manner. Let’s better understand this with an example-

Suppose some people are browsing your website. Now, think of them as 1st ‘peer’ in P2P. When new visitors arrive, images are served from an already existing group (previous peer). It will help to save the bandwidth of the server which ultimately improves the loading time just because peers are closer to one another. 

9. KeyCDN

KeyCDN offers you some security features like DDoS protection and SSL support. Though this doesn’t offer you any free plan, it gives you a 30-day free trial. In short, it’s affordable, and pay-as-you-go for plans means paying for only what you use. 


  • Lots of features for technical users- custom rules, including header controls
  • Having a good server presence on every habitable continent. 
  • With lots of documentation, this CDN eases the process for non-technical users. 
  • Active in the community of WordPress

10. Cloudinary

If you are running a website that is heavily dependent on design services, portfolios, or photography, then offload your images to another server. With this, you can save a lot of bandwidth space. It’s a robust image management solution that can host images, resize on the fly & plenty of other super cool features. If you are going with a forever-free plan, then you will get 2B storage with 5GB bandwidth. 


So, these are the top 10 free or trial-based CDN providers that can efficiently speed up your website. Look out these features and find which goes the best for your website responsiveness and security. For more technical blogs, stay tuned with us!

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