Data Analyst Salary in India | Salary of a Data Analyst in India 2022

Data analyst salaries in India could be as low as Rs 342,363/year to Rs1,750,000/year. The growth of data has significantly increased compared to the previous years, and the demand for data analysts has grown.

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Data is everywhere

In the modern world, where we can measure every day being only a tiny fraction of a second, we can access lots of information on our faces. 

Explore social media to find the latest trends, surf the web for the most recent news, or even your WhatsApp messages are waiting for you with new hilarious jokes you’ve never heard of.

This avalanche of data is a luxury only when we use it to benefit and benefit. In simple terms, we must know the complete details, the reasons, and what’s of the information or data available to us for continual growth.

As ever more data is produced worldwide, more and more people and methods are being developed to manage this data effectively. This is the reason why we can understand the idea of data analysis.

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Manage Data

You might be wondering what salary you would expect of a data analyst in India. Is the work looking through the information one gathers?

This article will assist you in understanding what data analysis is and everything you need to be aware of about a data analyst to perform the job. 

Duties, the salary of a data analyst from a newbie to a veteran employee, job description, and importance of the position. Let’s start.

Who is a Data Analyst?

Some people are curious. However, some are eager not just to inquire but seek solutions to the questions. They gather a lot of data, gain valuable insights, and then find a solution for the issue.

Data analysts can gather data (qualitative and quantitative) for business and assist in making the right business decisions. 

Analyzing data is more than just numbers-crunching or simply observing facts. To arrive at the most informed and effective solution, the process must be efficient and effective. Working as an analyst of data is carried out in five distinct steps.

  1. Classify: The very first step in analyzing is to identify the issues the company wants to address. Analysts will categorize the questions into what’s, the reasons, and what’s.
  1. Assemble: The third step is to locate the information. To answer your queries, gathering data is crucial. For instance, you use primary sources such as company records or data gathered from secondary sources like news or publications accessible on the internet.
  1. Clean: Like every other data, your data needs to be proofread and proofread, too. You must eliminate duplicates, errors, or any other unimportant information from the data you have collected.
  1. Analyze: Analyzing or dissecting the data is crucial before the final step. This is where analysts look for the patterns, trends, patterns, and correlated variables in the data gathered that can be used to make an educated decision.
  1. Interpretation: The final stage is to bring all of the information into. This is the moment when the analyst draws conclusions based on the data gathered and the data cleaned and analyzed.

Data Analyst Salary in India

Data Analyst Salary in India | Salary of a Data Analyst in India 2022 3
Data Analyst

A data analyst’s pay scale could be as low as Rs 342,363/year to Rs1,750,000/year. The growth of data has significantly increased compared to the previous years, and the demand for data analysts has grown. 

So the salary of a data analyst for freshers is a good starting point in India. It’s important to note that the pay for a Data Analyst is contingent on many aspects, such as expertise, experience, location, and the employer.

What Affects the Salary of a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Experience

Experience is a major factor in determining the wage of an analyst in data. Experience in the field indicates greater knowledge and practical solutions and flexibility, and ability to teach others. 

So, an analyst working in the field for more than three years will receive higher pay than the wage that a data analyst earns as an aspiring. The pay structure of data analysts based on their experiences is as follows:

  • Entry Niveau (greater than 1 year experience) – – Rs342,363/yr
  • Early Career (1-4 years of work experience) (Rs422,408/yr)
  • Mid-Career (5-9 years of work experience) 5-9 years of experience.
  • Experienced (>10 years of experience) Between Rs942,653 and Rs1,750,000/yr.

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Location

The earnings for a Data Analyst and an aspiring analyst could differ depending on where they live in Mumbai instead of the salary for a data analyst located in Bangalore. 

This is because the place of residence is among the main factors that affect the salary of data analysts. Every state and city has its own cost of living, and the demand of the occupation and the salary are determined.

1. Data Analyst Salary in Bangalore

The salary of a data analyst in Bangalore is Rs 516,455. Based on the data, the salary of a data analyst working in Bangalore is:

  • Fresher – Rs414,487
  • Experienced – Rs1,194,813

2. Data Analyst Salary in New Delhi

The average pay for an analyst working in data New Delhi is Rs 407,672

Based on experience, the information analyst pay for New Delhi is:

Fresher – Rs 333,639

Experienced – Rs712,155

3. Data Analyst Salary in Mumbai, Maharashtra

The median base salary for an analyst who works in data Mumbai is Rs406,409.

Salary of Data Analyst in Mumbai as per the experience:

  • Fresher – Rs318,655
  • Experienced – Rs775,258

4. Data Analyst Salary in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The median salary for data analysts from Chennai is Rs 410,431

According to our experience, the median salary for the data analyst working in Chennai is:

  • Fresher – Rs323,612
  • Experienced – Rs1,100,000

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Skills

Data analysts who want to get an excellent job offer with less experience must be able to master the different skills required by the job of a data analyst. They should consider upgrading their skills beyond education with data analytics.

A few of the skills that influence the pay scale for a Data Analyst include:

  • Data Quality Skills – Rs 364K – Rs 2M
  • Database Management & Reporting Skills – Rs  219K – Rs 1M
  • SQL – Rs 251K – Rs 1M
  • Statistical Analysis Skills – Rs  211K – Rs 1M
  • Microsoft Excel – Rs 198K – Rs 799K
  • Python Rs – 289K – Rs – 1M


If you’re seeking an incremental increase in salary as time passes and want to improve your skills as a data analyst, this is the perfect job for you.

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