Android Developer Salary in India: Fresher to Experienced | 2022

Did you know that Google Play Store releases more than 600 apps every day? This shows the increasing demand for tech experts to understand operating systems and create amazing UIs for various apps. 

Android developer salary in India is very high because Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones and other devices. Android Development is a growing specialization.

The world is moving away from working in an office and working remotely. People around the globe are increasingly relying on apps to do daily tasks such as shopping, commuting, and filing bills. 

Companies are offering higher salaries for Android developers in India because of this.

  • Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones and other devices. Android Development is a growing specialization.
  • If you possess the necessary skills and are willing to learn, your career as an Android Developer will continue to grow. This is especially true when you consider that an android developer’s salary in India depends on how skilled and up-to-date they are.

This must have sparked your desire to be an Android Developer. Let’s look at what a typical salary is for an Android Developer in India and who it is.

Who is an Android developer?

An Android Developer is a software developer specializing in developing and designing apps for Android-run devices. The majority of their Android programs are written in Java. Developers are responsible for creating apps and their various functions. This includes the UI and understanding of how users interact with the device.

Android Developer Salary in India

According to Payscale information, the average salary of an Android Developer in India amounts to Rs 3,76,000 per year (Rs 508.68 per hour). The salary of an app developer in India can vary from Rs 154k up to Rs 991k. Here is how app developer salaries in India are distributed.

Salary Breakdown for Android Developer

  • Base Salary: Rs 1,54,000 – Rs 99,10,00
  • Bonus Rs: 3,000 – Rs 1,99,000
  • Profit sharing: Rs 24 – Rs 1,99,000
  • Total Compensation: Rs 1,57,000 – Rs 10,00,000

Pay according to Experience Level

Payscale research shows that an entry-level Android Software Developer with less than one year of experience in India can earn an average annual salary of Rs 2,05,000. This includes tips, bonuses, and overtime pay. 

An Indian early-career Android Software Developer with 1-4 years of experience can expect to earn Rs 3,60,000. A mid-career Android Developer with 5-9 years of experience will earn Rs 8,14696 on average. The average annual salary of an experienced Android Developer with 10-19 years of experience in India is Rs 1,316,973.

Android Developer Salary based on Experience

According to the figures, while an Android Developer’s average salary is Rs 4,16,000.700/year, entry-level and mid-career salaries dropped by 60%, 7%, and 7%, respectively. However, salaries for senior and later-career positions increased by 63% and 84%, respectively.

Android Developer Roles and Responsibilities

These are the main job descriptions that are available on today’s market:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Mobile Lead Software Engineer

An Android developer is a person who develops and designs Android applications. There are three types of Android Developer careers:

Junior Level

Most developers start their careers at the junior level. A company hires the most skilled developer to work for them based on their app’s difficulty.

Intermediate Level

They can move up to the intermediate stage after some time as a junior developer for between 2-5 years. The intermediate-level Android developers work on projects that require more technical skills.

Senior Level

After many years of experience at the intermediate level and with an average of 8-10 years of Android development experience, they move up to the senior level. As well as programming, senior Android developers also have to make decisions and design robust and scalable apps.

An Android Developer is simply someone who understands and converts project requirements into an application. The app can then be published to Google Play Store. The following steps are required for any Android app:

The Design Phase, the Development Phase, and the Submission Process.

A majority of mobile app developers today handle both the design and coding phases and the submission process. These developers are called “full-stack,” as they can handle all phases of Android app growth. 

Organizations can also hire full-stack programmers and developers to help with the design of their apps. Current industry trends indicate that UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are the most important skills for Android developers. The following tasks are the responsibility of an Android Developer:

  • Advanced Android apps for the Android platform.
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams to plan, identify and ship new features.
  • Integration with data sources and APIs from external sources.
  • To ensure usability, robustness, edge cases, and overall reliability, you should perform Unit Testing.
  • To improve program functionality and fix bugs.
  • Continuous evaluation, exploration, and introduction of technology for productivity improvement.

Benefits of being an Android Developer

When creating a mobile application for your business, the most important decision is whether you want to use an app for iOS or Android. 

Each platform has its advantages, but there are many reasons why it is better to start with an Android app. These are the benefits that Android Developers enjoy.

Open Source

Open-source platforms allow Android developers to access all that the vast Android ecosystem has easily. This allows for royalty-free licensing and the latest application platform. 

Software developers can quickly update and patch applications using the open-source Android framework. Developers can improve their apps by including customer feedback and reviews if the app is published on Google Play or any other Android app platform.

Simple Integration

Android applications are unrivaled in complex technological customization and adding pre-existing programs. Android app developers can easily modify and incorporate mobile apps that meet their needs. Android’s open-ended ability to integrate is why many developers consider it the best mobile platform.


Demand for Android App Developers is high. This is why the salaries of android developers in India are so high. There are many options for individuals with the right skills, qualifications, and experience.

While choosing the right job can be difficult, it is important to consider the factors that will affect the final salary when negotiating the total compensation for the Android Developer position in India.

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