Go vs Python Which is Easy to Start | 2022

This is what you will see when you combine two excellent programming languages, Golang or Go vs Python, against each other. Let’s take a step back and look at both languages regarding functionality and merit. Let’s eliminate personal biases and preferences.

Also, let’s even the playing field, both in terms of skill. We’re left only with two fantastic alternatives: Go vs Python. The next question is, which one is the best choice for you?

 The internet is full of codes. They provide the base upon which all infrastructures are constructed. The very platform you’re reading this article on was built by a commitment to making great code. 

Go vs Python detailed comparision
making great code

While most users aren’t likely to be aware of this, skilled developers are always looking to make their software (and therefore, their code) more efficient.

The basis on which good code is built rests on the skills of the developer and their preferred language. This will eventually lead to massive clashes between developers, not just on their skill level but mostly in their preferred language. 


Talk to developers, and you’ll discover that there was nothing before Python and nothing to follow. Through the years, it has become a household name because it is an extremely efficient programming language. The web is full of amazing things that were created with Python.

Python is quite old as a programming language. The first time it was conceptualized was in the year 1991. As it ages, it gains certain advantages. It has a large following which means it is reliable and well-documented. 

Go vs Python Which is Easy to Start | 2022 1

Some libraries mostly cover almost everything and code examples for almost everything you can think of. The implications for developers and companies are that using Python is accompanied by abundant knowledge and programming waiting to be used.

Many open-source projects use Python as their base, meaning that in most instances, it is not necessary to start from the beginning. It’s well-integrated into enterprise software and is employed for machine-language or AI applications. 

But it comes with negatives. It is not the best choice for tasks that require memory, are a little too slow in execution, and are unsuitable for developing mobile apps.

Companies Using Python

Examples of well-known companies that require Python Developers and Data Specialists.

  •  Uber
  • Goldman Sachs
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Google

Yes, Google has long been a supporter and user of the Python programming language, which, along with C++, Java, and Go, is one of the company’s official server-side languages.

Sample Code using Python

#convert from int to float:
x = float(1)

#convert from float to int:
y = int(2.8)

#convert from int to complex:
z = complex(x)




Go was developed at Google back in 2009. Go was an answer to an issue. Its goal was to develop a language free of every baggage and unneeded features in languages like C++. 

Go was developed at Google

This increases performance and speed, which makes working with it enjoyable. Furthermore, developers who pick on Go initially don’t feel lost since the familiar components and the ease of use will be pleasant surprises.

It’s not to say that the language is flawless in all instances. It is fast and takes elegance into the realm of perfection. It does leave aspects that leave to be desired. One of them is that it is not equipped with a robust library, nor does it support inheritance. 

Furthermore, there’s not a GUI library or support for object-oriented programming. It has a light thread (Goroutines) and a smart standard library, strong built-in security, and is easy to program with a simple syntax.

Golang/Go vs Python: Full Comparison

Go vs Python Which is Easy to Start | 2022 2
Golang is a procedural programming language that is focused on the subject of concurrent programming.Python is a top-of-the-line programming language built on object-oriented programming.
In Golang, exceptions are not supported. Golang and instead of an exception, there is an error.Python supports exceptions.
Object-oriented programming cannot be accepted by Golang. This means that it doesn’t contain classes or objects.Python includes classes and objects.
Golang does not support inheritance.It is able to support inheritance.
It is able to support channel and GoroutinesPython doesn’t support Goroutines and channels.
It is compatible with interfaces.It is not able to support interfaces.
Golang is an untyped, statically-typed language. It is a statically typed language. compiler.Python is dynamically typed. This is why it uses an interpreter.
Go is more than a verbosePython is more docile
Golang completely supports the notion of concurrencyPython doesn’t come with any built-in concurrency feature.
Golang is great for system programming.Python is ideal for data analysis and computation.

Golang/Go vs Python Which one is Better?

Golang is the most suitable language for becoming an efficient programmer if productivity is considered. The syntax is limited, and the libraries aren’t as weighty, making it easier to accomplish tasks with fewer lines of code since there’s less to write. 

Go vs Python Which one is Better
Go vs Python Which one is Better

Python is ahead in terms of flexibility due to the sheer number of libraries available and the variety of syntax. However, this flexibility has a cost, and that cost is efficiency. In the battle of Python and Golang, what is the more efficient language? 

Golang triumphs because it was specifically designed to be more efficient and easier to understand, and more importantly, it’s simpler to understand.

Python is undoubtedly the most popular option for developers looking to create a machine-learning model. The reason is that Python is the preferred option for machine learning, a deep-learning framework built within Python. 

When learning computer science fundamentals, such as algorithmic data structure and algorithms, pseudo-code is often employed. Using a programming language such as Python, which is almost identical to pseudo-code, has an added advantage that helps in learning. 

However, Golang is extremely fast and easy to write. It also comes with Go Doc, which can create documentation on its own, making the programmer’s life much easier.



To summarize, the two languages, Golang/Go vs Python, offer their advantages based on the developer’s skills and ability to assess the actual needs. Both Python and Golang are quite transparent regarding syntax and can ease the burden of the developer to a greater degree.

The choice of the language best suited to your programming can be the difference between a successful program and one that requires a lot of maintenance. If the primary reason for creating tools is speed and scalability, Golang is your perfect option. 

Golang is the only language that can come close to C/C++’s speed. At the same time, it’s extremely simple to learn and can eliminate manually managing memory.

However, if you’re looking to develop efficient tools and scripts while promoting the ability to read within groups, Python can be your ideal choice. It reads just like normal English and can be comprehended by those without any previous experience with Python.

In the default layout, indented blocks help code appear tidy and allow for clean code. The various free libraries can reduce the number of lines you need to include in your code.

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