Best Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for Beginners 2022

Artificial intelligence projects have made a huge impact on our daily lives. Every time you browse social media, play Spotify or conduct an easy Google search, you use AI’s power. The AI market has seen massive growth over the last few years, and it is projected to expand even more to the 126 billion mark U.S. dollars by 2025. 

Multinational companies such as IBM, Accenture, and Apple currently seek AI professionals. The average salary for an AI engineer in 2022 is $250,000.

This field called AI is extensive and includes many fields within the field that you could choose to specialize in. For instance, if you’re interested in facial recognition systems or the generation of images, you could opt to work in the area of computer vision. 

If you’re looking to create models that can communicate with other people and understand human language, you could be a part of the area of NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Artificial Intelligence Projects
Artificial Intelligence Projects

There is a great deal of work being conducted to advance Artificial Intelligence. Businesses require AI experts who can create and implement scalable models to meet the demands of an ever-growing industry. It’s easy to begin your journey in the area of AI. 

Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Projects

The creation of Artificial Intelligence projects increases your knowledge in AI engineering. It is also an excellent way to showcase your AI skills to potential employers to secure your dream job.

Handwritten Digit Recognition

Goal: To create an apparatus that recognizes handwritten digits using the help of artificial neural networks.

Problem: Characters and digits written by humans have different shapes, sizes, curves, and styles. They are not necessarily the same for two different people. Thus, converting written words or digits into digital format was challenging at times for computer systems. It was also difficult to interpret the text on paper documents.

While digitization is quickly implemented in all sectors, Certain areas require paper. This is why we require technology that makes the process simple for computers to detect human writing on paper.

Solution: In artificial neural networks, it is possible to construct an automated system for handwriting recognition to interpret the digits drawn by a person accurately. The task, a convolution neural network (CNN), is employed to identify digits on paper. This network includes the HASYv2 dataset that includes 168,000 images, spanning 369 distinct kinds of classifications.

Application: In addition to paper handwritten digit recognition, the system can read handwriting styles and mathematical symbols from images, touchscreen devices, and other sources. The software comes with various applications, including checking bank cheques and reading forms that have been filled in, and taking notes in a snap.

Pneumonia Detection

Goal: To create an AI system made up of convolution neural networks (CNNs) along with Python that detects pneumonia in imaging of X-rays

The issue: Pneumonia is still a risk, which has claimed people’s lives in numerous nations. The problem is that X-ray images are used to identify illnesses like cancer, pneumonia, tumor, etc. In general and can result in poor visibility, making the diagnosis process unproductive. If the correct treatment is given, mortality rates can be reduced significantly.

In addition, the location, shape, size, and location of pneumonia can vary at an alarming rate, and the target’s contour becomes extremely hazy. This increases the likelihood of chances of detection and accuracy problems..

Solution: The solution software will be taught with information about pneumonia and other illnesses. If users are willing to share health issues and symptoms, the program will examine the information and compare it against its database to determine potential connections. It may use the data mining process to identify the most precise information about the disease related to the patient’s specifics.

So, the patient’s condition can be recognized and treated appropriately. To develop the program, you need to identify the most effective CNN model by analyzing it and comparing it to detect pneumonia by X-ray images through feature extraction. 

The next step is to present the various models and their classifiers to select the most appropriate classifier and then evaluate the best CNN model to evaluate its effectiveness.

Application: The AI project will be beneficial to the medical field in identifying illnesses like pneumonia, heart diseases, etc. It also provides medical assistance to patients.


Best Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for Beginners 2022 1

Goal: To create an online chatbot with Python to integrate it into the form of a web page or an application.

Problem: Users require top customer service when they visit an app or website. When they are faced with a problem they cannot find a solution to, they might become disinterested in the application. 

Therefore, if you’re developing a website or an application, you need to provide the highest quality of service to your customers, so they don’t leave and negatively impact your profitability.

Solution Chatbots: Chatbots are applications that let you have an automatic dialogue with bots (AI) and humans through speech or text, similar to Alexa. It is available 24/7 to assist customers with their questions to navigate them, enhance the user experience, improve sales, and offer a deeper understanding of customer behavior and requirements to help design your products and services.

To build the AI initiative, you may create a simpler model of chatbot that can be found on numerous websites. Find out their basic structure and begin building your own. When you’re done with an initial chatbot, it is time to proceed to more advanced chatbots.

To create a chatbot, AI concepts such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) are utilized to help computers and algorithms recognize human interactions in a variety of languages and process the data. 

It breaks down audio signals and human text and then analyzes and converts the data into a machine-understandable language. It also requires programs, tools, and speech recognition tools to build a smart and flexible chatbot.

Applications: Chatbots are extremely efficient in the corporate world in assisting customers, IT helpdesk marketing, sales, and HR. To finance and tourism, industries like eCommerce, Edtech, and real estate utilize chatbots. Leading brands such as Amazon (Alexa), Spotify, Marriott International, Pizza Hut, Mastercard, and many more leverage chatbots.


I hope that you will find these AI projects intriguing to learn about and broaden your knowledge about artificial intelligence and other related concepts such as machine learning, data science, NLP, etc. This will also allow you to develop your programming skills and use technology and tools to complete the projects.

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