React vs Angular: Important Decision Before You Begin

The web development world is increasing at a very high rate with the increase in technology and for developing websites Javascript plays a vital role but choosing the right javascript frameworks can be confusing. 

The most famous javascript frameworks at present are React JS and Angular JS. Choosing between React JS or Angular Js may leave you in a confusing situation.

Well choosing the right framework depends on some parameters such as performance, features, and platform compatibility, you have to compare both the frameworks react vs angular based on those parameters.

Before choosing the right framework for your project make sure you compare all the parameters of angular js vs react js.

In this article, we will help you to understand the Comparison between React vs angular js framework so that it can help you to choose the best JS framework for your next web development project.

Comparison between React Vs Angular

Confusion over selecting the right framework for your project can cause headaches. Angular js and React js each have their own advantages, but in order to build a successful application, you must select the most appropriate framework that will make your work easier while also providing you with proper success while developing the app.

That is why we attempted to provide you with a detailed comparison of Angular js and React.

Let’s have a look at the detailed comparison between these two javascript frameworks.

1. Baseline of these two Javascript Frameworks

Let us first understand the basic comparison between React js and Angular js

What are Angular Js?

React vs Angular: Important Decision Before You Begin 1
Angular Js by Google

Angular Js is a front-end open-source javascript framework developed by Google in 2009 by which developers can develop better solutions for the development of single-page applications.

AngularJs is one of the most popular Model-View-Controller (MVC) JavaScript frameworks that are used to build a dynamic web application. In the Model View Controller (MVC) design, the information model, introduction data, and control data of the application are divided into three interconnected elements.

With Angular Js, we are allowed to utilize HTML as our template language permitting us to spread HTML’s syntax by which we can show the application components more clearly. 

Features like routing, data binding, dependency injection, directives, deep linking, etc ensure the security of the application. 

What is React js?

React vs Angular: Important Decision Before You Begin 2
React Js logo

React JS is another open-source JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook. It offers advanced high rendering performance which makes it a  great choice for front-end development that includes building user interfaces or UI components.

React JS helps in resolving the issue faced during rendering large datasets and increases the performance. 

React JS bought the concept of component-based architecture into the limelight that helps the developers to easily develop interactive and complex UIs.The principle “learn once write anywhere” helps the developers to develop fast and scalable apps for all platforms. 

The two main parts of React JS are components(containing HTML code ) HTML documents (where all the components get rendered)

2. Compare the Performance of React Vs Angular

When it comes to performance React js has quite a good reputation due to its better performance but Angular js has also optimized the coding practices that have enhanced the performance.

Angular js features $cacheFactory for the purpose of memorization which can be used for recalculating the data. React js features Virtual DOM which makes the handling of frequent UI updates of the application easier by ensuring fast processing and better UI rendering of the application.

Angular JS provides low performance with complex and dynamic applications whereas React JS with virtual DOM provides faster performance for applications of the same size.

3.  React Js Vs. Angular Js: Technical Overview

 The important difference between Angular JS and React JS lies in the condition of their management which is opposing to each other without any parameter to judge which one is better. By default, in Angular JS data binding is bundled(mutable/bi-directional data binding), whereas in the case of React js it is generally augmented by Redux for giving unidirectional information streams and work with permanent (immutable)data.  

  • Implementation: A large number of native options and features are available in Angular JS by which any project can be started very quickly. As React JS is an open-source JavasScript library there is a need of adding external component libraries for getting the same features as Angular js. 
  • Data Binding: Angular JS has two-way data binding whereas React JS only has one-way binding.
  • Dependency Injection: Another important Comparison between angular js vs reacts js is the availability of dependency injection. There is a built-in dependency injection available in the Angular JS framework helping the developer to create, understand, and test the applications easily. whereas there is no built-in container for dependency injection with React js. 
  • Scalability: Angular js has a powerful CLI making it easy to scale. React js is testable, fast, and also scalable compared to other frameworks due to the presence of virtual DOM & library, It changes the data without reloading the page.

4.  Popularity & Learning Curve

React js is younger than Angular js but when it comes to Popularity and learning curve, React js is the most famous and easy-to-learn framework.

With this increase in popularity of react js, we can easily say that it will dominate in the future but that doesn’t make Angular js anything less. Angular js provides numerous libraries and robust template building solutions for a better development process which makes Angular js one of the most used JavaScript frameworks for development.

Learning React js is much easier for the developers due to its simple design, use of JSX, detailed documentation, and library although React gets frequent updates so there is a need for constant learning whereas learning Angular js is comparatively steeper than React js for the developers due to the complex framework that gives several options to solve any particular problem.

5. Diffrent Use Cases of React Vs Angular Js

Although we have discussed the differences between React Js and  Angular Js but you might be still confused about when to use which framework. So let us discuss it further –

When to Use Angular js

  • When there is no requirement of integrating additional external plugins because third-party integration would make things more complex and time taking.
  • When there is a need for a single-page application with dynamic content such as in progressive web applications.
  • When there is a need for a  large-scale feature-rich application as Angular js has a complete built-in package of all-important functionalities that is needed that React js don’t have

When to Use React js

  • When there is a need of handling the view layer of the application and building reusable UI components.
  • Best for developing social networking sites and apps as it loads the data without refreshing the pages.
  • When the developer is a beginner and wants to learn and apply things as fast as possible then they should choose to react js for their project 

6. React Vs Angular Js: Advantages & disadvantages

Let us now have a look over the pros and cons of both frameworks to get a broader idea about them.

Advantages of React js

Some of the advantages of using React js are as follows:-

  1. The simple and straightforward design makes it easy to learn
  2. Basically, JavaScript frameworks are not friendly toward SEO but React is very much SEO-friendly.
  3. There is an HTML-like syntax that allows templating as well as highly detailed documentation.
  4. React js has its own virtual Document Object Model (DOM) where it stores the copy of the web page’s DOM which optimizes the performance.
  5. The great capability of server-side rendering makes React js a robust framework for content-focused applications.
  6. React js is mainly focused on User Interface. Users will get a  highly responsive interface with the help of JavaScript interactions which helps in increasing the application’s load time and runs the application smoothly without any interruptions.

Disadvantages of React js

Some of the disadvantages of using React js are as follows:-

  1. ReactJS is actually a library and not a proper full-fledged framework like Angular JS so there is a constant need of adding other necessary libraries while developing your application. The documentation is also not very good due to the constant update of React js technologies
  2.  The configuration process of Integrating Reacts with a traditional MVC framework like Rail is quite complex to set up.

Advantages of Angular js

Some of the advantages of using Angular js are as follows:-

  1. Clean code development is offered with higher performance and increased efficiency.
  2. Angular JS is a full-fledged MVC framework that will help you to develop your app without thinking about integrating other third-party libraries. 
  3. The routing is handled very proficiently in the angular js framework that enables us to switch from one view to another very simply.
  4. Seamless Updates are possible with Angular CLI.
  5. The availability of a built-in dependency injection subsystem makes the process of creating, understanding, and testing the applications easy for the developer.
  6. Strong community support is another advantageous point because if there are any maintenance issues, the problem can be solved with the help of other experienced developers through the numerous forums available.

Disadvantages of Angular js

Some of the disadvantages of using Angular js are as follows:-

  1. Complex and confusing for new developers
  2. Learning Angular is not very easy. It has a  steep learning curve
  3. Limited Routing makes it harder to debug scopes.
  4. Angular js is very poor for SEO purposes.

Comparison Table Summary of React Vs Agular Js

Let’s have a quick look at Angular js vs. React js. This table will give you an overall idea at a glance of the differences between Angular js vs. React js

Parameters of DistinctionAngular JSReact JS
FounderMiško HeveryJordan Walke
Released 20092013
PurposeAvailability of numerous features will tell you how to design your application Numerous tiny libraries help in the development of complex applications.The available  libraries are only concerned with UI componentsFlux is required to implement the MVC design, it gives you more flexibility in the way of organizing your code
Ideal forlarge-scale, feature-rich applications that update a single view at a time.Large web applications and apps for Android that update multiple views at a time.
DOMReal DOMVirtual DOM
Data bindingboth one-way and two-way  data bindingOne-way data binding
LanguageJavaScript, HTMLJavaScript XML (JSX)
8. PerformanceRelatively slowComparatively Fater because of virtual DOM.
9. Learning curve Learning Angular can be tough for beginners as it needs lots of training.Comparatively easy to learn
10. Dependency InjectionDependency injection is supportedDependency injection is not fully supported
11. Use of librariesFull-fledged framework doesn’t need other third-party librariesNeed other third-party libraries for various purposes
12. Installation timeEasy to set up but coding time can be time-consuming  resulting in delayed project deliveries.Longer time for the setup process. But fast while delivering projects and building apps.
13. Testing & DebuggingA single tool can be used for testing and debugging the complete project is possible with a single tool.A set of tools is required for testing and debugging purposes
14. CompaniesUsingFacebook, Uber Technologies, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, etc.Wepay, Beam, Auto Trader, Mesh, Streamline Social, etc.
15. App ArchitectureCombined with FluxFull-fledged MVC framework is written in JavaScript
16. RenderingClient-SideServer-Side


So here we come to the end of our discussion about React vs Angular. We have tried to discuss everything about Angular js and React js but now it totally depends on you which one you want to choose according to your requirements.

React has a simpler learning curve, resulting in faster development and Angular has more built-in functionality. Both of them have their own pros and cons but neither of them is inferior or superior to each other rather each of them is best in its own way, it totally depends on the developer which one they find more suitable to work with.

Ending it here with the hope that now you are quite clear with the Comparison between angular js vs react js and understood their importance. Now you can choose the most suitable framework for your next application.

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