AWS Certification Cost, Salary, & Jobs | Complete Guide 2022

There are many different cloud certifications on the market, but AWS certification for developers is in high demand due to the advantages and career boost it provides.

AWS certifications come in a variety of forms and cover a range of experiences.

Why AWS Certification is important for techies?

AWS or Amazon Web Service is the industry leader in cloud computing offering scalable, competitive, cost-effective, and simple solutions for corporates looking for cloud computing solutions.

With the demand for cloud computing solutions on the rise, there is a growing demand for AWS certification developers in the job space.

Aws Certification Level

There are four broad categories into which the AWS certification training is divided:

  • Associate Level
  • Professional Level
  • Specialty
  • Foundational

Each of these categories has a few certifications under them which are as follows:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

This certification is aimed at individuals who want are interested in the solutions architect role. The aim of this certification is to evaluate the ability of an architect in deploying secure and robust applications on AWS technologies.

Developers who are intending to take this certification should have a ground-level understanding of cloud computing.

E-learning websites such as Simplilearn offer the course in three formats. The cost of self-paced learning is estimated to be around INR 18000 whereas a blended learning format would cost approximately INR 20000.

An average salary fetched by an AWS solution architect is INR 15 lacs. However, other factors such as Years of experience, City and the company applied also impact the salary.

Those who are looking to prepare for the certification can check out practice tests and other dumps on Simplilearn. One can also find the exam questions for free. Another website worth trying is Free Braindumps for practice questions.

AWS Certified Developer

The course and the certification are ideal for those who are into development roles and have chosen the AWS certification path for honing their skill in the field of cloud computing.

After taking this certification, the person should be able to understand the core AWS services, basic AWS architecture, uses, and best practices.

Further, he should also be able to develop, deploy and debug cloud-based applications using AWS.

If you are looking to take the course then there are a few prerequisites such as being an expert in at least one of the high-level programming languages, a basic understanding of core AWS services, an understanding of application lifecycle management, and an expert in writing the code for serverless applications.

The average base pay received by an AWS-certified developer is INR 646,077 per annum. On Udemy, the certification is available at a 93% discount from the original price of INR 9600.

AWS certification cost for certified developers on Edureka is around INR 17000. On Udemy, the same certification is available in three formats with the cost ranging between INR 18000 to INR 20000.

Again, the free test questions for the certification can be availed on BrainDumps, Simplilearn, and Dumpscollection.

AWS SysOps Administrator

AWS certification exam for SysOps administrators is targeted toward those who are looking to gain expertise in deployment, managing, and operating fault-tolerant systems.

An administrator, after availing of the certificate should know the implementation and control of the flow of data to and from AWS.

 As per various job portals, the average salary for an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator ranges between INR 3,91,091 per year to INR 8,05,863 per year.

Simplilearn offers the course with a fee ranging between INR 18000 to INR 20000.

Another e-learning website is offering the course for INR 17000 and Udemy is offering a heavy discount on the fee with the course price of INR 700.

The average salary fetched by these professionals in India is INR 8.5 lacs and can vary according to various factors such as experience level and so on.

AWS certification dumps for SysOps are available on Braindumps, Getfreedumps, and Amazon.

AWS Solution Architect – Professional

This certification is an advancement over the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

The skills acquired by the professionals after this certification are more advanced and are skilled in various AWS products such as identity access management, Amazon elastic compute, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Autoscaling, and load balancing among other things.

Salary structure differs as per the experience with someone between 10 years and 19 years fetching a salary of around INR 15 lacs and INR 19 Lacs. Someone with 20+ years of experience. 

The free study material for the same is available on websites like Certification Question, Whizlabs, and DumpsCollection.

For professional training one can check the websites like Simplilearn starting from INR 17000. Another e-learning website Udemy is offering the certification course for INR 2250.

AWS Machine Learning

The certification is intended for the developers and those who are in the data science role.

AWS Certification for Machine Learning
AWS Certification for Machine Learning

After the certification, the trainee should be able to design, implement, deploy and maintain the machine learning solutions.

On Udemy, the course is available for INR 700, a discount of roughly 95% on the original price.

For free dumps, one can check the Amazon website and Udemy. Various job portals suggest that the average package for the AWS machine learning certification is around INR 30 lacs per annum.

AWS advanced networking

Developers who are focused on complex networking tasks should go for AWS advanced networking certification.

After the certification, the certificate holder would be able to design, develop and deploy the cloud-based solution, design and maintain network architecture, use various tools for automating the AWS networking tasks, and so on.

Usually, it is recommended that those looking to take the certification should hold the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate or an associate-level certificate.

Amazon AWS website also offers free content on their website for the aspirants to understand the content and prepare accordingly. The average salary of an AWS advanced network certificate holder is around INR 30 lacs per annum.

AWS Alexa Skill Builder

Developers who are looking to acquire the know-how of building, testing, and publishing Amazon Alexa skills can take the certification.

After the certification, the developer would be able to design the user experience, design and deploy the architecture to build the skill, and develop, test, validate and troubleshoot the skill among other functions.

There are very few websites offering the course but the best one is the AWS Amazon option. On average, around $122000 per annum. Awsstatic tutorial offers the best guidelines on how to prepare for the course. Another website A Cloud guru is also a good website for the aspirants to learn about the Alexa skill builder certification.

AWS Security Certificate

The certificate is available for students who are looking for a better understanding of AWS security services.

You can find the course easily on popular e-learning websites such as Udemy for INR 2200. Another website is offering the same course for INR 11,800 (including GST).

The average salary for AWS-certified Security professionals globally is around $113,932

For free dumps, you can check out Examtopics which contains exam questions. Certifications questions are another website that offers a range of questions for the AWS specialist certification.

AWS certification big data

The certification helps the candidate to increase his expertise and technical know-how in designing and executing AWS services to get value from the data set available.

The certification helps to understand the candidate to implement the AWS Big Data services as per the architecture practices. The average salary for AWS Certified Big Data is somewhere in the range of $152,000 and $192,000.

Those who are looking for free material can check out Whizlabs and Udemy the same course will be available for INR 700. Aspirants who are looking for free dumps for this AWS certification training can get the practice questions on and

AWS Cloud Practitioner

The course is intended for those individuals who want to gain the overall knowledge and skills of Amazon web services. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand the basic AWS ecosystem.

The best way to get this certification is to take the course from and go through all the modules.

For practice, Udemy offers practice questions for just INR 700. Since this is the most basic certification in the AWS cloud ecosystem, having this certification alone would not fetch any salary hike. The certification is solely for understanding the basics of what Amazon Web Service is.

AWS Certification books and AWS certification Reddit threads are also very good sources of understanding the whole ecosystem and achieving certifications. Websites that offer AWS Certification questions also help individuals to understand the preparation for the exam.  

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