Microsoft Azure Certification List, Complete Guide

Microsoft Azure Certifications hold significance for those who are looking to build their career in cloud computing. Not only, does the probability of getting a job increase with this certification on Azure, but it also offers various roles.

Microsoft Azure Certification List
Microsoft Azure Certifications

One can go for the certification according to the role that interests him and pursue a career in the same.

We have compiled the list of Microsoft Azure certifications to help you understand and get a brief idea about each and every certification.

Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-103

Associate exam AZ-103 is meant for those who are striving for getting expertise in implementing, monitoring, and maintaining Microsoft Azure solutions.

Skills Measured in Az-103

Individuals taking this exam are measured on their ability to manage Azure subscriptions and resources, Implementation and management of the storage, deployment of the virtual machines, and management of the virtual machines, configuration, and managing identities.

Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103
Microsoft Azure Administrator

This is a relatively new certification created on May 1, 2019, and measures various skills and knowledge related to the implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of Microsoft Azure services. Various services include computation, storage, networking, and security.

Azure administrator AZ-103 can be said as a hybrid between AZ-100 and AZ-101 as both the certifications were shut on May 1, 2019, with the release of Azure administrator certification.

AZ-103 Exam Cost

The fee for AZ-103 is $165 USD plus taxes and should be paid to Microsoft while registering for the exam.

Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-900

Before taking the AZ-103 certification, one should be thorough with concepts such as the Azure fundamental exam AZ-900.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

Skills Measured in Az-900

After the certification, the candidate should be able to manage Azure subscriptions, implement and manage storage, deploy, manage and configure virtual machines and manage identities.

AZ-900 Exam Cost

The certification costs US $165 plus taxes and there are roughly 40-60 questions that the candidate needs to answer in 150 minutes.

Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-203

This certification is aimed at developers who want to learn to design, build and maintain cloud applications and services.

Developers who take exam Az-203 Microsoft azure developer associate exams are basically eligible to involve in all the phases of development from designing to maintenance and coordination with cloud solution architects and administrators.

Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-203
Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-203

Az-203 Exam Fee

The fee for taking the exam and getting the certification is USD $165 plus taxes and is paid to Microsoft while registering.

Skills Measured in Az-203

Various skills measured through this certification are developing azure infrastructure as a service compute solution, Developing Azure storage, Azure security implementation, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing the solutions, and connecting with Azure and third-party services among other things.

Microsoft Azure Certification DP-100

Azure data scientist certification helps the certified individual utilize their knowledge for the operation and implementation of machine learning workloads on Azure.

Skills Measured in DP-100

As a data scientist, one should know planning and create an appropriate ecosystem for data science workloads on Azure, implement data experiments, and train predictive models.

In order to go ahead and take azure data scientist certification, one should be aware of Azure fundamentals. If not, then it is advisable to go for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900.

Azure Data Scientist DP-100
Azure Data Scientist DP-100

DP-100 Exam Fee

The fee for getting this certification is also $165 USD plus taxes. For the exam, you will be asked somewhere between 40 and 60 questions within 180 minutes duration.

Microsoft Azure Certifications AZ-400

This certification is meant for DevOps professionals to hone their skills in using Microsoft Azure technologies for designing and implementing DevOps practices.

Azure DevOps Engineer
Azure DevOps Engineer

Skills Measured in AZ-400

Although there are no strict prerequisites, those looking to take up the test should be proficient with agile practices, Azure administration, and Azure Development.

Exam Fee for AZ-400

Just like other courses, the fee for this is $165 plus taxes. For the AZ-400 certification, the candidate should be familiar with agile practices and Azure development as well as the operations process.

Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301

An Azure architect can build the solutions for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Microsoft azure architect design (Az-301) certification requires the candidate to have experience across a range of aspects such as networking, identity, security, disaster recovery, budgeting, data management, and governance.

Azure Solution Architect AZ-301
Azure Solution Architect AZ-301

Skills Measures in AZ-301

Candidates with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900 are more likely to understand the content although it’s optional.

As an Azure architect, the individual should know how one decision in a specific area will impact the entire solution.

Certification cost for AZ-301

A fee, as usual, remains the same at $165 plus taxes for Architect Design AZ-301.

Microsoft Azure IoT Developer AZ-220

This certification is all about creating and maintaining the cloud and edge portions of Azure IoT solutions.

Candidates will learn the way to leverage core Azure IoT services like device provisioning services, Azure Stream Analytics, Time Series Insights, and so on.

Microsoft Azure Certification List, Complete Guide 1
Azure IoT Developer AZ-220

The course outlines the fundamentals of IoT and Azure IoT Services and goes all the way to teaching how to build an IoT solution with IoT Central.

Skills Measures in AZ-220

Skills such as Implementation of the IoT solution infrastructure, Provision, and management of the devices, and Implementing edge, processing, and managing ideas are measured for every candidate.

AZ-220 Certification Cost

For registration and earning the certification, the candidate has to pay US$165 plus taxes. Microsoft offers the exam skills outline which is helpful for the candidates to prepare for the certification.

Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-500 | Security Engineer

For registration and certification, the candidate should pay US$165 plus taxes.

Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-500 | Security Engineer

The certification is aimed towards offering expertise to the candidate for executing security controls, identity access, protections with Microsoft Azure, and so on.

Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-500
Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-500

Skills Measures in AZ-500

Certification is meant for Security engineers who are concerned with implementing security controls, identity management and access, data protection, application, and networks.

The certification should enable the candidates to recognize and fix the issues with the help of various security tools, implement threat protection measures and give a timely response to the escalation of various incidents.

There is no mandatory pre-requisite for this certification but it is desirable to have administrator-level knowledge for better understanding.

AZ-500 Exam Cost

For registration and certification, the candidate should pay US$165 plus taxes.


All these Microsoft Azure certifications are extremely important to increase the productivity of the developers in the long run.

There are various ways in which the aspirants can prepare for Azure certifications.

Microsoft offers extremely helpful blueprints that can be used for learning systematically. The blueprints help in understanding the weightage that is provided to each topic within a certification course.

Additionally, you can get guidance from various online websites. There would be a range of plans in which some of the content would be free and others might be paid.

It is important to understand the best package and plan accordingly. Other useful resources could be GitHub along with other forums that can be used for learning the courses and appearing for the certification. 

Candidates who could not pass the exam for some reason can re-take the exam after 24
hours. However, if you cannot pass for the second time then the minimum wait
time is 14 days.

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